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Intensive Skin Detox Firming Treatment 50ml


Intensive Skin Detox Firming Treatment is an advanced skin cosmetic innovation by Mavex Laboratories: a revolutionary detoxifying treatment containing ultra-pure Vegetal Carbon, in a synergistic association with a balanced mixture of high concentrations of effective active principles, capable of smoothing wrinkles, moisturising the skin at a deep level, and restoring tone and luminosity to the skin.

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Intensive Skin Detox Firming Treatment is a powerful concentrate of natural substances that effectively fight skin ageing by contrasting skin-stressing aggressive reactions.

Suitable for all kinds of skin, in particular toxin-full, grey, lifeless, thickened, dehydrated skins.

Its powerful detoxifying effect is mostly given by the action of an innovative natural Vegetal phytocosmetic, an effective synergistic mixture of Burdock, Lavender, Dandelion, English Plantain, Poppy, Artichoke and Rose that regulates sebum production, soothes and softens the skin, and effectively eliminates skin impurities, detoxifying it at a deeper level.

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