Mavex Cosmetics

Sebo Balance

From Swiss research comes SEBO BALANCE
the professional dermoceutic treatment that combines Acnesil’s functional complex with modern and advanced technology based on active ingredients and herbal and medicinal plant phytocomplexes.

The results are visible from the very first applications:

  1. It unclogs and tightens the pores, eliminates excess sebum and visibly reduces the shiny skin effect.
  2. It is in contrasting skin imperfections typical of acne.
  3. It gently exfoliates without irritating, encouraging cell renewal in the skin’s corneal layer.
  4. It eliminates impurities, remineralises and restores its hydrolipidic balance and the functions of the skin barrier. 
  5. It maintains the skin’s pH at a physiological acid level, which protects it from bacterial growth.
  6. It moisturises and mattifies the skin.
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