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Mavex Cosmetics is proud to present its revolutionary callus peel product line, specifically designed to tackle the most stubborn of calluses and restore the natural softness of your feet.

Infused with potent natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology, our callus peel products offer a salon-quality, professional pedicure experience in the comfort of your own home. 

Say goodbye to harsh scraping and aggressive treatments, as Mavex’s Calluspeeling products gently yet effectively exfoliate and rejuvenate, leaving your feet feeling smooth, revitalized, and ready to step out with confidence.

Calluspeeling® Vegetal


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Calluspeeling vegetal treatment®

Calluspeeling® - Swiss Pedicure System

Calluspeeling® Vegetal

Environmentally Friendly

Mavex’s cosmetics do not contain parabens, formaldehyde, added preservatives, mineral oil or paraffin. They are produced in full respect of environment and nature according to high level quality standards under stringent quality controls.

Trusted and Used

Our products are nowadays used by beauty centres and spas in the best hotels in the world, a clear sign of the undisputed success of a strong and innovative brand that has managed to stand out above all for quality and innovation. 

Cutting-edge Technologies

We feature precious herbal active ingredients and next-generation phytocomplex, result of the Swiss most advanced research and cutting-edge production technologies.

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