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Alpine Foot Bath 500g


Ten minutes of hot water foot bath with two spoons of these precious Salt Crystals are enough to donate a wonderful relaxing and invigorating effect to the feet.

A mix of plants dried extracts like Milfoil, Spruce Gems, Juniper, Masterwort and Lemon Balm.

A real bath in the purest nature, with a powerful draining effect that reduces sense of swelling and soreness, stimulates the circulation and gives an immediate feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

A foot bath with Salt Crystals is a true moment of intense wellbeing, to rediscover the serenity and calm and remove stress and toxins. After this wonderful bath, feet and legs find a new lightness and strength.

Active Ingredients

Salt Crystals
Dissolved in water they help to reduce the sensation of swollenness and soreness due to their extraordinary draining effect. They refresh, invigorate and disinfect the foot, granting an immediate relax and well-being.

Juniper Berries
Rich in very precious essential oils, the berries, the leaves and the wood of Juniper have always been used in all the Alps by the people of the mountains for their virtuous benefic properties and for their capacities to stimulate efficiently the superficial circulation.

Mountain Pine
It is a powerful antibacterial, it stimulates the blood circulation and it facilitates the cell metabolism. Due to its intense fragrance, it has a very invigorating and relaxing effect. It is one of the most used plants by farmers in the Alps.

It’s a perennial herbaceous plant, with thin roots, it grows above 2000 meters and it has very perfumed flowers. The active substances in the yarrow are the Essential Oil and the Achillein, bitter substances with invigorating, aromatic and balsamic properties.

Since ancient times the farmers of the Alps used its flowers, roots and fresh leaves to treat wounds, injuries, contusions. During the summers on the alps of the Swiss mountains infusions were prepared to immerge the swollen feet and get relief. The flowers and the leaves were meanwhile burnt in the stables as disinfectant.

Mint, Eucalyptus, Birch, Cypress.


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