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Anti Dark Spots Cream 100ml


Formulated with Ultrabright Bio Complex®, this extraordinary cream is the result of the most advanced and innovative cosmetic technologies of the Swiss research.

It reduces selectively discolorations and the dark spots of the skin and it prevents skin ageing.

Gives the hands a natural brightness and smoothness, nourishes, protects and hydrates deeply.

It’s easily absorbed without leaving traces on the hands.

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Active Ingredients

Stem Cells of Swiss Edelweiss
They reproduce on the skin the extraordinary mechanisms of defense and regeneration: they protect from sunrays, prevent the degeneration of Hyaluronic Acid and fibers of collagen and elastin, contend the formation of radicals.

Ultrabright Bio Complex®
An exclusive highly concentrated vegetal natural complex formulated with an innovative synergy of Swiss Watercress Shoots and Genistein. It works efficiently in the deepest layers of the epidermis reducing in a selective way the discolorations and the dark spots of the skin.

Mandelic Acid
Extracted from almonds, it works efficiently on the discolorations and the dark spots thanks to its capacity of depigmentation.

Grapefruit Extract, Argan Oil, Gentian, Blueberry.

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