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Body Black Cream 250ml


A body cream with a shock effect against localised fat, loss of tone and orange peel skin. Formulated with natural ingredients and innovative phytocomplexes which are the result of the most modern Swiss dermal cosmetic research, it acts with an effective and intense triple action: slimming, detoxing and reshaping.
Its modern silky-soft texture makes it pleasant to massage and lets it penetrate deeply without being greasy.
Black Pepper Extract, together with a slimming complex of six different types of Algae and Minerals, activates the metabolism and stimulates the elimination of the fatty deposits.
Vegetal Carbon purifies the skin in depth from harmful agents, effectively freeing it from toxins, environmental smog and polluting substances. A new-generation powerful fat-burning phytocomplex drastically reduces the thickness of the fatty tissue.
An innovative vegetal complex based on Tea protects the microcirculation and drains excess fluids. Shea Butter keeps skin soft and young.
The results are extraordinary: fat deposits and the orange peel appearance are drastically reduced with a visible slimming effect. Shapes are refined, remodelled and firmed. The skin looks purified in depth, smooth and silky-soft. The body regains a new silhouette.

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Active Ingredients

ExtraSlim Complex
An extraordinary patented multifunctional complex based on natural substances which act through two simultaneous mechanisms of action with a synergic effect: Caffeine, with its well-known lipolytic and draining properties, associated with extract of Guarana and Cysteic Acid, triggers lipolysis in the adipocytes. L-Carnitine makes transport of the fatty acids towards the mitochondrial cells easier, where they are broken down into water and energy. The final result is a drastic reduction of the fatty deposits and the appearance of orange peel skin. Shapes are redefined, remodelled and firmed.

Pythomarine Slim Complex
A synergetic combination of Brown, Red and Green Algae, together with Sea Fennel. An innovative complex of natural marine ingredients with a powerful slimming effect which stimulates lipase and activates the deterioration of the triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. The size of the adipocytes is greatly reduced, with a visible effect of reduction of the fatty mass.

Phytobioactive Complex
An innovative vegetal complex based on African Red Tea, Green Tea and the very precious White Tea. A real concentrate of polyphenols and flavonoids which has an effective antioxidant and protective action on the microcirculation, it activates the basal metabolism and drains excess fluids.

Active Vegetal Carbon
It purifies the skin in depth of harmful agents, effectively freeing it of toxins, environmental smog and polluting substances.

Black Pepper Extract
This is a powerful natural fat-burner. By penetrating in depth, it carries out an efficient lipolytic action and reactivates the microcirculation, with a visible slimming effect. Weight loss, a reduced fat mass index and circumference of the hips are the results guaranteed by this powerful vegetal extract.

Shea Butter
This is a vegetal ingredient with renowned emollient, moisturizing and regenerating properties. Its high content of vitamins makes it a perfect antioxidant capable of effectively fighting free radicals. It keeps skin soft and young.

Pentacomplex Hydration Booster
Certified 100% natural by Ecocert. It guarantees immediate and deep hydration for over 72 hours, leaves skin silky-soft and reinforces the function of the protective barrier.

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