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Divine Beauty Moisturiser 50ml


From the combination of Swiss science and nature comes a new latest-generation face cream.

Thanks to the innovative technology with gradual and continuous release, the skin receives a constant dose of highly effective active ingredients.

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It is a targeted product to renew cells, regain the natural firmness and keep the levels of hydration and softness high.

It helps the fibroblasts in the endogenous production of Collagen 1, the main support of the connective tissue.

Its outstanding antioxidant action makes it an excellent ally to fight early ageing of the skin.

With a rich and melting texture, this cream has a surprising revitalizing and antioxidant action on the skin: it nourishes it, moisturizes it, strengthens it and protects it from free radicals and environmental aggression, guaranteeing comfort all day long.

The skin immediately looks moisturized, supple and regenerated.

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