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Hand Gel Mask 100ml


Beauty treatment specific for the hands that encloses all the force and efficiency of natural ingredients from the Alps.

Nourishing, emollient and revitalizing.

It contains very precious natural active ingredients that give the hands a new smoothness while toning and hydrating.

It has a powerful clearing effect that gives the skin brightness and tonus.

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Active Ingredients

Stem Cells of Swiss Edelweiss
They reproduce on the skin the extraordinary mechanisms of defense and regeneration: they protect from sunrays, prevent the degeneration of Hyaluronic Acid and fibers of collagen and elastin, contend the formation of radicals.

Gentian,BlueberryAloe Vera, Spruce Fir.

Weight 0.128 kg
Dimensions 4.3 × 4.3 × 17.5 cm
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