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Micoxan Nail Regenerating Cream 20ml


Micoxan is a new treatment studied to improve the aspect of fingernails and toenails affected by fungal infections.

It has an intense antiseptic, repairing and protective action.

Reduces dyschromias and yellowing, strengthens and hydrates fragile nails damaged by infections, solvents and reconstructed nails.

Micoxan is the result of more than 5 years of targeted research and development. Thanks to the synergistic action of effective active principles, its innovative formula penetrates deeply in the nail, with surprising results: nails quickly return to their natural splendour and shine.

The Micoxan nail beauty treatment consists of:

– Micoxan Regenerating Cream, rich with Allantoin, alpha- and beta-hydroxy Acids and Ethyl-hexyl-glycerine. Regenerates deteriorated, stained and thickened nails. Quickly normalises nail thickness, restoring nails their splendour and shine. Should be applied over the nail. Non-greasy.

– Micoxan Intensive Nail Solution containing Salicylic Acid and Urea, helps to speed up the absorption of the main active principles of the cream, and also works as pre-treatment in difficult cases. Should be applied under the nail. Non-greasy.

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Active Ingredients

Natural hydrating factor that improves the skin’s ability to bind to water. Ensures prolonged hydration and reduces skin tension.


Alpha- and Beta-hydroxy acids (Salicylic and Glycolic)
Keratolytic, regenerating and hydrating.


Amino-acid that acts on the micro-circulation, promoting blood flow and therefore making healing easier.

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