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Beauty Secret Eye Contour 15ml


specifically formulated to improve the aspect of the skin around the eyes.

With a velvety, silky texture that blends harmonically with the skin, penetrating quickly without greasing, Beauty Secret Eye Contour is characterised by a delicate allergen-free, natural fragrance that will give you a pleasant sensuous emotion.

Its particular formula, with decongesting/corrective technology and a high concentration of active principles with medicinal properties, ensures immediately visible results.

The main effect of this innovative treatment is given by high concentrations of Aescin, a powerful active principle with anti-oedema, vein toning, draining properties that prevents and reduces oedemas, the main cause of “bags” under the eyes.

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The exclusive Liftex Bio Complex® phytocomplex, a high-concentration synergy of Butcher’s Broom, Centella, common Marigold, Panthenol and Yeast proteins, reinforces the tone and elasticity of capillary walls, deeply hydrates, soothes even the most sensitive skins, and fights the formation of wrinkles.

Shea Butter, with its anti-oxidant, film-forming and filtering properties, protects the skin from free radicals, sun rays, wind and cold, keeping it moisturised and soft at all times.

Pure Hyaluronic Acid stimulates cellular functionality and donates compactness and luminosity to your skin, with an evident lifting effect.

The Ganoderma extract fights skin ageing and stimulates cell turnover. Argan Oil deeply nourishes the skin, leaving it with a wonderful sensation of softness.

Excellent as foundation before make-up, this extraordinary treatment immediately restores new youth to your face: bags and dark circles are remarkably attenuated, wrinkles look less evident, your skin will look luminous, compact and smooth; your gaze will immediately look well-rested, fresh and young.

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