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SOS Callus 20ml


Particularly indicated for calluses and painful callous areas.

Intense soothing action on irritated, inflamed skin. Improves sensations of annoyance, burning and itching.

By combining exfoliating and moisturising actions, it intervenes on maceration processes, keeping skin clear and healthy.

Creates a protective film, stimulates regeneration, strengthens and protects the skin against external aggressions. Reduces reddening caused by friction and stimulates healing processes.

SOS Skin Defence comes with an applicator that dispenses the proper amount of product.

When applied regularly two or three times a day on the affected areas, it soothes, protects and gradually regenerates the skin.

SOS Skin Defence gives relief to your feet. Absorbs perfectly and is not greasy.

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Active Ingredients

Molecular Papain film
Conceived to optimise the release of Papain, associated to other Vegetal actives with moisturising, regenerating and protective function. Protects the skin, helps keep it clean and healthy, helps eliminate dead cells, stimulates the production of new cells and increases hydration.

Golden Root extract
Acts on inflamed skin, reducing discomfort and burning sensations.

Cardiospermum plant
Protects and soothes irritated skin.

Stearidonic Acid
Protects the skin and increases its barrier effect.

Beta-glycyrrhetic acid
Soothing, reduces reddening.

Sunflower oil
Protective, natural anti-oxidant, stimulates tissue repair.

Vegetal-mineral complex
Strengthens skin defences.

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